Our Services

We bring a great range of features and singular objects, so we can create diverse atmospheres that will not leave you indifferent.

We have a project department, where we can offer services from advising to comprehensive refurbishment. We have a huge range of materials and finishes, we collaborate with expert professionals that allow us to give answer to any costumer requirement.

Our broad experience in projects covers any constructive or decorative typology: commercial premises, house reforms, show flats…

We´ll enjoy together creating, with a personal seal, but never forgetting the functionality they were created for.

We have a huge range of fabrics, although we recognize our debility for the natural fabrics. We handmade cushions, sofa covers, upholstering, curtains, relining… Our workshop makes all kind of works with an excellent quality.

Fabrics bring the comfort and warmth to any room. The fabric selection is a very important decision on the decoration of our space. Our professional team will advise you on the selection of the perfect fabric.

We work with the best firms on the world:

Güell la Madrid,
Andrew Martin,
Designs of the time,
James Malone,
William Yeoward,
LinWood, Nobilis,
Ralph Laurent,
Clarke and Clarke,
Ybarra y Serret,
Les Creations,

and much more, contact us!