Pantay offers a broad experience in interior design projects, decoration and comprehensive reforms for houses and residence property and commercial premises. Our concept of interior design and decorations is not only about furniture, we come up with bespoke personalised spaces, unique, same as our customers with their own character and personality.

Before starting the creative process, we will organise a visit to the space, to value with the costumer the objectives to be reached. After measuring, we´ll make a proposal on plan, including furniture and basic decoration according client´s wishes. We will create ambiences customized according aesthetic and budget.

We fully understand when we are working with commercial premises we have to reflect not only a brand, your costumer should remember you after the visit to your space as an exclusive experience, and we´ll make every effort to get it, bringing all our illusion and work that will remain etched on your client´s retina.

In Pantay, you will find not only anything you need, we´ll bring our experience to reach all the possibilities and develop together all the potential of every single squared meter of your space.

We can provide a full team of professionals in all areas during the project: interior designers, architects, engineers, painters, upholsterers… Any required work will be provided by qualified staff.

We collaborate with developer companies and real states in show flats and rental houses, obtaining full potential of the property, so your future costumer can feel the space meet all the requirements, quality and design with a careful planning.